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Did...did I actually not announce this on deviantART? I mean, I know I've been away for a while, tending to my tumblr and all, but...erm, well yes. I got a new job and moved to Las Vegas (well, Henderson) back in April. :O_o: It's pretty cool. Not what I expected, but cool. (I'm out of Ohio, at least.)

But to reiterate what is probably quite clear by now, I'm not doing much on DA anymore. I even went back and deleted/stored a number of old deviations. I'll sneak back from time to time, but doodles/comics/rambles/photos/etc. can ALL be found on my tumblr nowadays. (and even THERE I'm not great about consistent updates) Very rarely will I cross-post, but if I do it may just be part of a sketchdump.

So, a quick summary of projects:

UNWANTED is in pretty good shape right now, but still quite unfinished. I visited the Hopi reservation and got some fantastic inspiration and loads of recommendations for reference materials, which I'm still utilizing to fine-tune certain plot elements. I've been writing it as a straight-up novel for a couple of years, but now and again I second-guess that decision and ponder what would happen if I were to make it a comic, instead. I'm in that limbo right now.

Stick-Gods has been a little spotty ever since moving to Vegas, but honestly, ALL of my personal projects have suffered from the move (it apparently takes a while to adjust to transplanting a couple thousand miles x_x). I still have no plans to stop producing SG comics and posting them on tumblr, and am still considering giving it its own dedicated tumblr blog. (Pesedjet, meanwhile, is not being actively developed at this time)

C'est la Mort is officially on HIATUS, and is NOT cancelled. Yes, I've focused on other projects at the cost of letting it fall by the wayside, but is still simmering on that back burner. That said, I have absolutely no idea when I will return to it.

Insaneography is on an on-again off-again schedule that relies on all four of its creators being on the same page at the same time, which is tricky due to time zones and big life happenings. It has not been abandoned! It's just too damn epic for us to handle. ;P

Homebrew Pathfinder Campaign—WHOOPS I'M RUNNING ONE. I've got a new group over here and I'm trying my hand at DMing for the first time ever. I did some worldbuilding and resurrected old characters to chuck at my players and see what happens. This is something that will surely inspire art/rambles! (ps Sagan is back)

• There are two other MASSIVE writing projects I'm collaborating on right now, as well—with two different friends who have been my friends for a VERY long time, and one of those projects has been around in some form for an EQUALLY very long time. As these projects progress, I may have updates...but they have been and will likely remain shrouded in closely-guarded mystery until they are finished and (fingers firmly crossed) published.

Think that's about it?? Other than much gratitude for the birthday wishes! :thanks:

But yep; see y'all around~
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I like to draw and write stuff that I never finish. :|


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